New Book About Final Days of Jesus, Start of Early Christian Church

3d-dawn-of-christianity-coverDiscover what really happened in the first weeks and months after Jesus of Nazareth was nailed to a Roman cross.  In The Dawn of Christianity, Robert J. Hutchinson weaves together the latest discoveries in archeology, New Testament studies and historical research into a seamless narrative about Jesus Christ that is both traditional and shockingly new.  Known for his popular books on Christianity, the Bible and New Testament studies, Hutchinson brings to life both Jesus of Nazareth and the early Christian church in this masterful account of the last week of Jesus’ life and the twenty years that followed.

In the process, he corrects long-held misconceptions about the Bible, religion, God and Christian hope, sheds light on how and where biblical events may have happened, deepening our understanding of the ways those decisive years still impact our lives today. A highly readable synthesis of scripture, scholarship, and travel journalism, The Dawn of Christianity is a rich and timely retelling of the greatest story ever told and its revolutionary consequences.

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  1. Dawn of Christianity Study Guide-200PXThe Official Dawn of Christianity Study Guide:  A perfect resource for use in church Bible study groups, Christian schools and college World Religion courses.  The Dawn of Christianity Study Guide is a multi-session small group Bible study where individuals and groups investigate the historical background to Jesus Christ and the early years of the Christian church following the Messiah’s sudden execution and shocking resurrection.  A vital resource for anyone who wants to know more about how the Christian church came to be.
  2. Searching for Jesus-200pxAn abbreviated digital highlights edition of Searching for Jesus: New Discoveries in the Quest for Jesus of Nazareth-And How They Confirm the Gospel Accounts. This exciting work, endorsed by some of the leading New Testament scholars today, shows why Jesus Christ was almost certainly just as the Gospels portray him: a fearless, charismatic leader who ignited a worldwide spiritual movement that changed the world. Endorsed by such Christian scholars as N.T. Wright and Craig Evans, Searching for Jesus has won praise for its clear-eyed navigation between what is known by faith and what by history. “Searching for Jesus provides a wonderful introduction to some of the issues and debates about the Jesus of history… a great place to begin learning about Jesus, the Gospels, and history.”
  3. What Really Happened at Easter-200pxA copy of the shocking, eye-opening new report, What Really Happened at Easter? In this previously unpublished expose, you discover what archaeology, history and the Gospels can tell us about what really happened to Jesus Christ three days after the Crucifixion. While acknowledging the challenges involved in reconstructing events from the fragmentary information found in the Gospels accounts, this report shows why even many skeptical scholars now believe that Jesus’ disciples had a life-changing encounter with the Risen Messiah after his brutal execution.
  4. Nazareth-200px Israeli tour guide Jacob Firsel’s photographic tour of modern-day Nazareth. He takes you to all of the hidden locations of Nazareth missed by many other books and guides… and provides extensive background information on the archaeological and historical discoveries in Nazareth.  Lavishly illustrated with four-color photography, this special bonus is derived from Firsel’s popular book, Go to Galilee:  A Travel Guide for Christian Pilgrims.  Including full-color photos, detailed tour and site maps, information about driving and public transport, and detailed site information, Firsel’s guides provide everything needed for pilgrimage travel in the region that Jesus called home 2,000 years ago.  Born in Chicago, Jacob Firsel is a licensed Israeli tour guide with 24 years of experience of helping visitors to explore the history, sites, nature and hidden gems of Israel.
  5. Jerusalem AD 30-200pxA virtual tour of Jerusalem in AD 30 based on the latest discoveries by Israeli archaeologists. Explore the Land of Israel and the hidden alleyways and mysterious archaeological digs around Jerusalem. As a young man, Hutchinson moved to Israel to study Hebrew and explored it extensively both with his Israeli friends and on his trusty motorcycle. In this bonus gift, he draws from his personal photographic collection to illustrate the events in the life of Jesus and, in the process, makes the story of early Christianity much more vivid and real.
  6. Christianity for Modern SkepticsA Year’s Subscription to Christianity for Modern Skeptics, a bi-weekly ezine on Christian philosophy and issues of concern to both Christians and skeptics alike.  This is not just another e-letter about Christian apologetics but an overview of the latest discoveries in philosophy, archaeology and New Testament studies related to Jesus Christ, Christianity and the Christian church.  With a background in both philosophy and theology, and an intimate knowledge of the Land of Israel, Hutchinson wrestles with the “hard questions” about God, religion, the Bible, faith and prayer that skeptics embrace and that classical Christian apologetics sometimes ignores.  

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