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Who Were the Wise Men from the East? And Why Should We Care?
By Robert J. Hutchinson (12/25/15), The Blaze
Many mainstream New Testament scholars consider the visit of the magi to be legendary. There is no confirmation of the wise men in any secular sources or in the other texts of the New Testament. Yet the story does have many intriguing plausibilities that should give even the die-hard skeptic pause.

Just Who Was Jesus of Nazareth Anyway?
By Robert J. Hutchinson (12/21/15), The Philadelphia Inquirer
In the midst of the annual battles over how a pluralistic society should properly recognize an important Christian holiday celebrated by 70 percent of the population, there is one question rarely asked at this time of year: Just who was Jesus of Nazareth, anyway? Some claim that Jesus didn’t exist at all, and that Christianity evolved out of pagan Gnostic redeemer myths or Greek stories about “dying and rising gods.” But few mainstream historians take this revisionist stance seriously.

6 Shocking New Discoveries About Jesus of Nazareth
By Robert J. Hutchinson (12/22/15), The Blaze
Archaeological excavations at Nazareth are merely one among dozens of startling recent discoveries that are forcing many secular, Jewish and agnostic scholars, at top universities all over the world, to re-think old skeptical ideas about who Jesus was and what he was trying to achieve.

Why Aren’t Christian Leaders Speaking Out Against Donald Trump’s Plan to Target Islamic State Families?
By Robert J. Hutchinson (12/18/15), The Blaze
Donald Trump’s repeated suggestion that U.S. forces deliberately target the wives and children of Islamic State members in military strikes has sparked a flurry of condemnation from fellow politicians and celebrities but mostly silence from Christian churches and Jewish organizations.

A Christmas question: Are the Gospels more reliable than scholars once thought?
By Robert J. Hutchinson (12/15/15), Fox News
For more than a century, skeptical scholars have claimed that much of the New Testament is legendary, invented by the early Christians in the decades after the crucifixion. A few even claim that Jesus of Nazareth didn’t exist at all.But in just the past few years, dramatic discoveries in archaeology and New Testament studies have led even many secular experts to question this hyper-skeptical approach.

Are these horrific mass killings really happening ‘daily’?
By Robert J. Hutchinson (12/7/15),
According to the Washington Post, the San Bernardino shooting was the second mass shooting on that day and the 355th in 2015. It certainly feels like these horrible shootings are occurring more often. But is that really true?

A middle-class family crunches the Obamacare numbers
By Robert J. Hutchinson (10/1/13), Human Events
Ready or not, Obamacare is finally here. Polls show that most Americans remain highly skeptical of the law’s benefits. According to a new CNN/ORC International survey released October 1, less than one in five Americans say their families will be better off under the new health care law.

The truth behind Obamacare’s phony 8 Million signups
By Robert J. Hutchinson (4/21/14), Human Events
Polling data has revealed that a substantial portion of the 8 million signups have come from two sources: previously insured people who had their “substandard” private policies cancelled by government edicts and were forced to buy Obamacare policies to replace them… and people signing up for free coverage through Medicaid.

For the richer, not the poorer
By Robert J. Hutchinson (10/1/13), Mercatornet
The tragedy of modern life is that the virtues that contribute to a happy life are increasingly limited by class and economics – certainly between whites and minority populations but also, as recent research has shown, among whites. It’s not that upscale whites are intrinsically more virtuous; it’s that the moral habits that give rise to a happy life are tied to stable families and larger cultural communities – things that increasingly exist only among the prosperous.

Francis on God’s Mercy to Atheists: Nothing New But Still Refreshing
By Robert J. Hutchinson (9/20/13), Catholic Exchange
In just the past few years, evangelical Protestantism has been wracked by a series of vitriolic controversies over the issue of salvation for non-believers. When popular evangelical preacher Rob Bell tentatively explored the possible salvation of all people in his bestselling book Love Wins, it was followed by a flurry of books and articles accusing Bell of heresy and in effect excommunicating him.

Today’s Golden Age of Philosophy
By Robert J. Hutchinson (7/8/12)
Few people know this, but our age is an amazing time for people who love philosophy.  When I was in college 30 years ago, philosophy was strictly an academic exercise and there were few resources available for people, like me, who view philosophy more as a way of life or avocation than as a job.  Today, however, all that has changed.

The Perils of Legal Positivism
By Robert J. Hutchinson (7/1/10)
It goes without saying that Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan is a charming, intelligent, well-spoken woman who, unlike most politicians, gives every impression of being a genuine “moderate” in her views, someone who understands the complexities involved in great social issues and who is willing to acknowledge that people of good will could disagree with her.  Yet there was one point in the confirmation hearings that revealed an ideological seed that, I fear, will grow into something quite disturbing during the 30 years or more she will be seated on the bench.  And that is her apparent agnosticism towards the existence of unalienable natural or human rights.

Confessions of a Climate Skeptic
By Robert J. Hutchinson (12/8/09)
Believers in catastrophic global warming may turn out to be right.  But for forty years, liberal Democrats have been insisting that the end of the world is coming soon — from air pollution, overpopulation, mass famine, oil shortages, even “the coming ice age.”  Their predictions of global apocalypse have been so spectacularly wrong so often that most people with common sense no longer take them seriously.

To See What Democrats Will Do to America, Look at Britain Today
By Robert Hutchinson (9/29/09)
If you want to know what regulation-happy Democrats are about to do to America, all you have to do is visit Great Britain. There you will see what the Democrats’ ideological soul mates, the British “New” Labour party, have done to that once-great nation.

The Real Reason Why Health Care is So Expensive
By Robert Hutchinson (7/25/09)
A cut finger on the Fourth of July sent us to the Emergency Room… where the bill ended up nearly $1,000 for five minutes of bandaging.

The Biblical Roots of Thanksgiving
By Robert Hutchinson (11/10/2007)
Unbeknownst to many Americans, Thanksgiving is yet another legacy of the Biblical heritage that shaped American law and culture over the centuries.

The Return of Medical Fascism
By Robert Hutchinson (8/23/2008)
Anti-religious zealots are heralding the recent decision by the California Supreme Court to compel physicians to provide ethically questionable medical procedures to patients even if those procedures violate the physicians’ ethical or religious beliefs.

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