Author Robert Hutchinson has been a guest on many national radio and TV broadcasts and a guest columnist in newspapers and websites. His topics include recent discoveries in Historical Jesus research, the philosophical and biblical foundations for human rights, and religious controversies in the 21st century.

You can link to these interviews and news stories below:

December 18, 2015: Interview with Lauren Green of Fox News

April 18, 2017:  Live Interview with Mark Elfstrand of “Let’s Talk”

April 12, 2017:  Interview with Al Kresta on “Kresta in the Afternoon”

March 29, 2017:  Interview with Janet Mefferd of “Janet Mefferd Today”

December 13, 2015: Interview with CBN News

March 15, 2016: Interview with Michael Lorin of Messiah Community Radio

January 9, 2016: Interview with Deal Hudson on U.S. politics

December 24, 2015: Christmas Eve Interview with Jack Miller

December 16, 2015: ABQ Connect Albuquerque

December 16, 2015: Debra Evans WTIS Tampa Florida

November 30, 2015: The Meeting House Faith Radio

November 17, 2015: Janet Mefferd Today

November 16, 2015: The Bottom Line with Roger Marsh

November 14, 2015: Church and Culture with Deal Hudson

October 27, 2015: Point of View with Kirby Anderson

October 26, 2015: TheBlaze: Author Explains Why Mysterious Archeaological Find Blew Him Away and Sent an ‘Earthquake’ Through the Biblical Studies World

October 26, 2015: Church Boys’ Podcast: Robert Hutchinson talks about his new book, “Searching for Jesus,” which claims that the existence of Jesus can be verified.

June 2008: Bill Handel (KFI Los Angeles) Interviews Robert Hutchinson

January 2, 2008: The Smith & Riley Show

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