Lecturing in Germany

Author Robert Hutchinson recently started doing presentations for colleges, churches and business seminars (the photo above is him speaking to a group of German publishing professionals in Bonn).


The topics he enjoys most fall into three categories:

(1) Christianity for modern skeptics (both believers and non-believers).

(2) How to survive and prosper as a freelance writer and author; and

(3)  Persuasive writing for business.

These include such topics as…

  • New Discoveries in the Quest for Jesus of Nazareth
  • 7 Odd Biblical Ideas That Helped Create Modern Science
  • The Christian Roots of Freedom and Democracy
  • The Land of Israel and Biblical Studies
  • How to Visit the Holyland… Tips for a Productive Pilgrimage

All talks and presentations are customized

“I don’t really have a set speech. I tailor each talk or presentation to the needs of each group. To inquire about availability and fees, click here to contact me.”

To see Robert Hutchinson’s speaker bio, visit the Harper Collins Speaker Bureau.

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