The Dawn of Christianity: How God Used Simple Fishermen, Soldiers and Prostitutes to Transform the World (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2017)

dawn-of-christianity-final-coverKnown for his popular books on Christianity and biblical studies, author Robert J. Hutchinson brings the early church to vivid life in this masterful account of the last week of Jesus’ life on earth and the twenty years that followed. He pulls together diverse biblical and historical accounts, recent archeological discoveries, and the latest in secular and Christian research to flesh out the well-known story and provide a deeper and more accurate view of those eventful times. Timely, comprehensive, and surprising—it’s the place to start for an in-depth understanding of how the Christian faith came to be.

How did a small-town rabbi and his beleaguered group of followers generate a movement that literally changed the world? The Dawn of Christianity answers that question with an intriguing combination of compelling narrative and up-to-the-minute scholarship.

Focusing on the climactic events of Jesus’ ministry and the twenty exciting years that followed, Hutchinson weaves together the New Testament accounts into a seamless narrative and then supplements the story with the latest in archeological, linguistic, and historical research. In the process he corrects long-held misconceptions and assumptions, sheds new light on how and where biblical events may have happened, and deepens our understanding of the ways those decisive years still impact our lives today. Photos, timelines, and a surprisingly useful “cast of characters” add new dimensions, depth and color to bring the story to life.

A highly readable synthesis of scripture, scholarship, and journalistic flair—The Dawn of Christianity is a rich and timely retelling of the greatest story ever told and its compelling aftermath.


The Dawn of Christianity is a fascinating look at the early days of the Jesus movement that became the church (from Jesus through the early days of the church). Shunning a skeptical read of this material, Hutchison works his way through the events and disputes that circulate around the origins of the Christian movement. It is a worthwhile journey with a capable guide that richly repays the reader. — Darrell L. Bock, Ph.D., Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary

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